2000 – 2003 - göldo music, Ron Wood, 3-Step tuners

translated by DEEPL

2000 – feeling good …

We had settled in well in our Südstadt rear building. Our parts warehouse consisted of a gigantic Mauser rolling shelf, which we were allowed to take over from the previous owner free of charge, i.e. one row of shelves next to the other, all moveable with electric motors, so that only one "aisle" remained open at a time to get the parts from their boxes for shipping. The pick-up wrapping machine also continued to work perfectly. It was quite crazy that our rear building had this roundabout-like pavilion in the middle, which any "normal" entrepreneur would have turned into the boss's office, the control center. But we didn't need such a thing and we wrapped our pickups there perfectly. Because handling this tenth of a millimeter thick enamelled copper wire requires good light!
Halle Südstadt
As always all kinds of rebuilding, but we produced diligently, and a table tennis table invited for relaxing breaks ......

2000 NAMM & Messe Frankfurt

The NAMM show in L.A. in January is always a nice event with good weather in the 70’s - in contrast to the Frankfurt Music Fair, which was unavoidable at that time and took place in April. We shared a quite respectable booth with the Clovers, who had already put their main focus on their Delano pickups. Shortly before, we had designed a special Duesenberg for Carl Carlton, the "DCC" with a bigger body, because a Starplayer seemed to be a bit tiny in the hands of this very tall man. The show went well for us, and on the second day Trevor Wilkinson came along with the legendary but somewhat disturbed Peter Green, who was especially interested in our tremolos.

2001 – Frankfurt

In the meantime I had changed the name from göldo-guitar-parts to "göldo music" in the spirit of Duesenberg guitars. In Frankfurt we were again represented by the Clovers, who already showed their Delano pickups. Reinhard and Sabine Jedamzik - simply nice people.

2001 – Tito & Tarantula

Tito und Tarantula
Wow, one of my favorite bands, although of course "From Dusk 'till Dawn" by Tarantino is one of my favorite movies. Tito, same year of construction as me, is a super charismatic musician. He played a DCC (Carl Carlton), and we were proud, yeah. And our friendship has lasted until today. And still this one: On "After Dark" they bring a lot of people on stage during a long guitar solo for the "Vampire Dance". And, wow, shortly before the end Tito pulled me up too, and I sang the last chorus "Find myself in a room ..." instead of him.

2001 - göldo catalog with Quark Express in the Toscana

Göldo Katalog
I had bought this layout program to finally be able to create a new, great göldo catalog on the screen. The advantage is, of course, that you can easily change details at any time, because everything is digitally stored in a linked database. But I needed some peace and quiet, which was not to be found in the company at all. So in November I grabbed my McIntosh Cube (what a clever design!) and a few boxes of material and drove to Tuscany near Greve, where I had reserved an apartment in an agroturismo.

Of course I love the good things in life, but I can also - if I have to - convert myself into an absolute workhorse at any time. Once I have started my new "project", I can work on it for nights, days and weeks and see it through until it is finished. In this Tuscan idyll, I completed page after page for more than two weeks. Of course it was fun in this beautiful, rural atmosphere, along with good wine and excellent food. And 20 degrees Celsius was sometimes still there.

Yes, there it was printed, the catalog with all its subtleties. I've always liked to include photos in our publications that have nothing to do with our topic at all: Cars, seafood, crazy guys, whatever. Such a pure guitar parts catalog is otherwise completely boring!

Under "Old catalogs" you can have a look at the complete 2002 catalog I created in Tuscany. This was a very important cornerstone for all other göldo catalogs, because as I said, everything was linked to several databases - photos, texts, article numbers, prices etc. So you can easily and quickly add updates and make other changes.

2001 – Duesenberg 3-Step-Z-Tuners

3-Step Tuners
And finally we had been able to perfectly transfer our 3-Step design to the machine heads. The grand pianos are not only extremely Duesenberg-stylish, but also lie perfectly between the fingers when tuning with their three steps. And in addition the idea of drilling the shafts from the top all the way through so that the string is pulled all the way through the headstock. And what sticks out at the back is cut off, pulled back a bit so that nothing sticks out from the end of the string at the back, and it can be wound. My God (should you exist, and I'm absolutely sure you don't), how many times have I drilled the ends of the three high strings into my fingertips while stringing - my worst experience in all the years of tinkering with my guitar. The risk of bleeding fingertips is now greatly reduced and it has the advantage that even without a string cutter at hand you can quickly string up strings of any length during the performance! (Please cut off the end after the gig!)


now something completely different ... 2002 - Carl Carlton's wedding on Mallorca

Carl lived with a certain Natascha on Mallorca. For the purpose of a spectacular celebration of his marriage he invited to a Balearic weekend. All inclusive and big party on a boat that was supposed to navigate off the coast of Palma.

Dress code: all in white! I had white pants with me, because summer. But I couldn't avoid to buy a white jacket in Campanet, which I wore during this event. But since then it is still hanging in my closet in Madrid, what nonsense! Well, there were all kinds of illustrious guests like Robert Palmer, Udo Lindenberg (including gorilla), Dieter Dierks, Bertram Engel and many more. During the day there was a heavy storm and the festival seemed to be in great danger. But towards 5 pm the sky cleared and the sun came out like an angel. The actually planned live music could not be realized, but it was still a respectable event, even including jumping into the sea from the boat. And Udo gave a skilful wedding anthem without accompaniment. There I also met Kurt Scheidegger, a Stones fan with whom I am still a good friend today, and who had a special connection to the Rolling Stones - more details here in chapter 2003 ...
Well, the marriage with Natascha did not last long.
Mallorca Magazin

2002 – Larry Garner

2002 – Larry Garner
With joy we became aware that this super blues man played a star player, yes, in Hannover's Blues garage.

Chris Spedding

 Chris Spedding
Carl Carlton put him up to it. The old rocker Spedding once had a real hit with the song "Motor Biking" and later played in the band of Brian Ferry. There is also a DVD where he plays with Robert Gordon at the Paradiso (Amsterdam), 15 songs with our Duesenberg, practically without any retuning and without a broken string. A primary rock of rock. W were mighty proud that he was so happy with our guitar.

Spedding at the Paradiso, Amsterdam - Motorbiking: https://youtu.be/Pudb5V6mx8A

2002 – Ron Wood

Ron Wood mit Düsenberg
Ron Woods Düsenberg

We had just redesigned the bodies of our star players with a domed back and top and placed extremely thin mother of pearl pieces on a prototype (a bit like a Zemaitis guitar) and our new Duesenberg proprietary tremolo with the simple string threading through small holes in a block under the axle shaft (instead of those thin pins for the ball ends) and the round lever, which is much better in the hand, was installed, as it happened that my old friend Chris Jagger and his band Atcha had a gig in Hannover's Blues Garage. Of course they stopped by and I showed him this guitar: "Wouldn't that be something for Ron Wood of The Stones? "Of course", said Chris. "I know where he lives and I'll bring it over to him." No sooner said than done. Ron was thrilled. The comment he sent me: "Dieter made a tremolo that really stays in tune! And already he played this Duesenberg at all the Stones concerts. And when he didn't play it, it was in the stand next to his amp for the entire concert, along with an ESP solid. Chris sent a bunch of photos of Ronnie with the guitar on his sofa, as well as a signed copy of a self-portrait with a dedication: "Dieter, the guitar is superb". (Ron is also an accomplished painter, by the way.) Success all along the line.
Gemälde von Ron Wood
Ron im Studio

2003 – Rolling Stones in Hannover

Rolling Stones Stage

There they were with their gigantic stage. I have to mention that I've been a Stones fan from the very beginning and they are still the greatest for me. We had already prepared everything for a backstage visit, especially since my Swiss friends Kurt and Edith Scheidegger were there. Kurt has always had the best rapport with the Stones, since in 1990 he lent two Zemaitis guitars to Keith Richards for the Stones tour - one of them identical in construction to one that Keith had lost in a fire. In addition, Kurt and Edith formed the hard core of a fan group that had accompanied the Stones to all their concerts on various European tours. As we are all well known - Kurt because of the two Zemaitis guitars and me because of Ronnie's Starplayer - the pre-briefed Johnny Starbuck, Ron's guitar tech, picked us up at the edge of the stage and led us into the holy backstage area.

Johnny had just put new strings on "our" guitar, which the techs routinely do on all instruments before every concert. This is an integral part of their job. And I had to get a compliment from Johnny for threading the strings on our tremolo. We don't have those stupid tiny pins anymore, from which the ball ends and strings always disappear when the strings are wound on a Bigsby.

Tremolo Block

Then he put them in the rack with Ron's other guitars. Their purpose was to be used on "Midnight Rambler".

Guitar Rack

Note the label "Doozy"!  We looked at all this and then disappeared into the concert crowd again. Kurt asked if I wanted a beer. "Here you go". Shortly afterwards he came back with a promising look and some solid plastic cups. He lifted one up in front of my face, and I couldn't believe it: there was actually a photo of the four Stones printed on it, and Ronnie with "our" guitar. Wow! Unbelievable! And these mugs must have been used by tens of thousands on the tour.

Stones Becher

It was a great concert, but unfortunately a security man discovered us taking pictures and demanded our films. But Kurt still had an empty roll of film in his trouser pocket which he gave to this idiot, so that we got the most important shots. See for yourself!

D, Johnny Starbuck & Edith
D, Johnny Starbuck & Edith

And then a video of the Stones appeared in the Parisian studio, Ronnie with our guitar!

We had sent the gentlemen a dark aubergine-colored DCC to Paris. This guitar was sold at the auction of a Bill Clinton Foundation on June 19, 2020 for a whopping £156,250 pounds!