2016 - Alice Cooper, Robbie Krieger, Paloma

The Renners

There one can see, with which determination the genetics can work in the reproductive mechanimus. On the left Ingo's father Klaus Renner, Ingo of course in the middle, and on the right his son Luca, who has also been working with us since 2019. I have to mention that our enormous success is by no means only due to me. Ingo has brought everything so far forward, both in the commercial sense and with a lot of creativity, that we are where we are now. And he has also given me the privilege of being able to help steer the business from Spain.


Once again a lot of action at the NAMM.

Robbie Krieger

Arriving in the college backstage area, Martin immediately welcomed me with the excited words: "You won't believe who is here as a special guest today! "Yes, please?" "Robbie Krieger! A total surprise for me, of course. The real Doors guitarist. We said hello right away and I told him about my "Los Dooros". At the same time I gave him my business card, on which you can see our logo. "Hopefully you won't get legal problems with that," was his spontaneous answer. This man had lost with me, although we continued to parry for quite a while. He told me that his son now "made the Jim Morrison", also dressed in black leather.

Unfortunately I have to say here that for me the Doors are no longer the Doors after Jim's death. What the rest of the group produced after that was all low level and without Jim's charisma anyway. And what they now perform as "The Doors" is unfortunately nothing much different for me than a rather embarrassing cover band.

The Doors had a lot of strong compositions, which is why I came to my concept of "Los Dooros", in such a way that you rearrange the songs, change the instrumentation (no keyboard), just play the pieces completely different. Here is also the inside of my Dooros booklet (My conversation with Jim):

Alice Cooper & The Hollywood Vampires

The concert was great again, of course, and Robbie played at one of Johnnie's Duesenbergs. By the way, we all came to the conclusion that Alice Cooper probably doesn't need make-up anymore.

The Hollywood Vampires in Germany

Large open-air festival near Cologne. Ingo, Henning Vahlbruch and Chris Distin were there. It must have been great and Johnny talked extensively with our guys.


A 49er guitar signed by Udo Lindenberg with a skilful drawing. Udo can do it!

The big water damage

Eieiei, Gabriel had not turned off a tap properly in the paint booth on Friday afternoon. Something must have come loose, which led to a total flooding of our company over the weekend. Everything under water, a huge shoveling and mopping, a lost day in guitar building. Fortunately, practically everything was standing on pallets, so the damage was kept within limits.

Modular, modular ...

There have always been these "modular" ideas, e.g. exchangeable bodies, quickly exchangeable pickups, electronics etc. That has never fascinated me. But through this Wandre construction method, where everything is mounted on the central aluminium neck with continuation into the body, I came up with the idea to approach something like this with wooden necks and an assortment of various metal parts. A central unit with everything on it, and different body shapes - but not for quick exchange, but simply to satisfy different tastes.

The Guitar ...

The Bass ...

göldo 4-D Bass-Bridge

Our 4D Bass Bridge is back! The base plate is milled from solid brass. The strings rest on steel rollers which can be moved sideways to adjust the string spacing. After all adjustments are made, the tabs are fixed with the help of the grub screws on the side. This guarantees perfect vibration transmission and thus the optimum in terms of sound and sustain.


With the Standard Stop Tailpiece, the entire string tension lies on the tiny loop that runs around the ball end. The two "legs" of the sling pass at an angle to each other in two kink points into the wrapping. Due to these inflection points, especially with unwound strings, a fast string break is pre-programmed. Here my first, handmade version:

In the Wrapper Tailpiece, the strings with the bale ends are hooked in at the front and pulled backwards around the tailpiece so that they exit at the bottom of the front towards the bridge. This distributes the string tension over a surface area of a few centimeters, so that the load on the bale is much less. This is why you play much longer and stress-free when using our Wrapper Tailpiece, because there is practically no string breakage. Here already a CNC-machined part:

In addition, it can be set lower, which allows you to increase the pressure angle of the strings on the bridge as much as you like, which on many guitars leads to an increase in sustain and attack. For stress-free stringing, the wrapper has a spring loaded bridge that holds each ball end in its hole.


We were also well positioned in Spain. Almost all the top bands played our instruments. Here on the left side also Boli, bass player of Fito y Fitipaldis, the most famous Spanish rock band. And our "Authorized Dealer" in Madrid, "Headbanger Guitars" had a good Duesenberg assortment.

Los Dooros got a new drummer, Dani Griffin, a guy from Chicago who has been living in Madrid for about thirty years and is the drummer of Fito y Fitipaldis. You can hardly get a better one!

Dieters fight ...